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Horrible game, Repetetive, too much RnG


I've played since the beta, and I know how it works, people create good decks, and everyoen starts copying them. I think this is the limit for me, and a lot of people I know are feeling the same way. It's simply not enjoyable any longer. There is less and less skill being implemented with every expansion. ''Discover a card'' ''Get a random card'' mixed in with drones of people playing the exact same decks. I am currently hovering in between rank 6-8 and it's simply unbearable. I'm really trying to not get too triggered.. But just seeing a hunter or rogue at this point renders me a little sad. I don't know what drives people to play those decks and I don't know why Blizzard made it like that. Is it fun for anyone when the rogue completes the quest at turn 4? The only way you beat it, is if they have a really poor starting hand or if you get really lucky with your ''random'' effects. I thought about it joining the Hunter hordes, but I can't. I don't know why I would. What's the purpose? I am actively helping destroy the game I like to play. I know that people are running from this game faster than ever currently because of the meta being extra toxic right now and even less enjoyable than ever. The question is. Can hunter be nerfed? The individual cards seem ok to me. But somehow the deck is simply too strong. In case it could be nerfed, I have no credible solution what to nerf. The rogue quest just seems too easy to complete. Maybe play 5 of the same minion, or make the completed quest cost 7 mana or something. Quest warrior is strong too, but atleast it gives you a chance to respond. Most decks right now requires no thought, just ignore the actual game mechanics making the game fun. Anyway, that was my rant?

Please help.


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