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I am new to this software. Help please.



I hope for some helpful assistance. I am a beginner trying to learn how to use this software. I am following the explainer videos and I've hit a snag whenever I try to assign key mapping to certain chain zones. The image attached shows that when I try to map the keyboard range to a specific chain zone it doesn't work. For e.g. I am trying to map the first zone to the keyboard range a-g but whenever I follow the instructions of holding 'a' and pressing 'g' and releasing it doesn't work. The range always seems to be from 0-127 and whenever I change it to a different value it doesn't do anything. I know this is for a MIDI Map Mode Switch but I don't own a keyboard and I've been searching for hours for an animated explainer videos solution. I would love to hear from anyone who actually uses it. Please help me . 


Any help will be appreciated. 


Thank you.

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