To upload new sku’s for CURESELF, please try to use new functionality on

(this way you will no longer depend on my reaction for uploading new SKUs)


1. Prepare excel with SKUs (I am attaching sample)

a. Worksheet name should be ‘Import SKU’.

Column "A" - description
Column "B" - senderSKU
Column "C" - receiverSKU
Column "D" - sender
Column "E" - receiver
Column "F" - value1
Column "G" - value2
Column "H" - value3
Column "I" - value4
Column "J" - value5
Column "K" - facility
Column "L" - customer
Column "M" - alias
Column "N" - size
Column "O" - color
Column "P" - style
Column "Q" - brand
Column "R" - category