UPS account registration currently is completed by our support team.  Please create a ticket or email to the following information.

  1. Username and password for UPS account.
  2. Contact Name - for questions about shipments or pickup.
  3. Contact Phone Number
  4. Pickup mode preference.  Your options are - 
    • Manual.
      You will request pickup outside the Techship or you will use Techship UPS Pickup Form.
    • Dropoff
      You will take care of dropping the shipment at UPS location
    • Regular
      You have a schedule pickup time with UPS and no further action is required from Techship
    • Per Batch (not recommended)
      You want Techship to schedule a pickup for each shipment you create.  We will need to know the following information - 
      • Time for earliest pickup
      • Time for latest pickup
      • Time before shipment is ready for pickup