You can bill charges to a third party if the receiver's country or the origin country and the third party's country are the same.

The process of a adding a UPS Third-Party account star similarly to adding a regular account.

  1. Navigate to Maintenance / Clients
  2. Select a client
  3. Click on "Add Billing Account" Button

  4. In the pop-up window select the shipper carrier account you would like to set up. 

See the instructions below to configure the setting for this newly added billing account.

When setting up Third party billing, the billing account number for the third party must be entered into the "Bill third party account #" field. The shipper is the warehouse, they must enter their own account number into the "Shipper account #" field. These two account numbers are mandatory. Also required is the postal code and country of the third party.

Also, please note, the shipper (shipper account # - this is an entity who ships) is responsible for address validation, and any address correction fees or other fines will be charged to Shipper, not to Third party ( see here )