This article describes the step to complete Shopify integration with Techdinamics

  1. Receive a registration link from Techdinamics on-boarding team.
    The link will be specific to your account.

  2. Open the link in the browser and complete the form
    This form contains two fields CLIENT CODE which would be already populated and SHOPIFY STORE URL.
    Note: Please note that Shopify Store Url is not the marketing url, but url you use to administer your Shopify account.

  3. Login to Shopify and Follow Instructions
    Upon completing step 2 you will be taken to the Shopify page where you need to enter you Shopify credential (unless you were already logged-in).  Please follow the instructions.

  4. Return to Techdinamics website
    If everything was completed successfully you will be brought back to the Techdinamics website were you started