Hard 121210 - The selected service is not available from the origin to the destination

Please use “Next Day Air” instead of “Express”, and “Next Day Air Saver” instead of “Express Saver” in Canada:

 1.       What UPS call “UPS Express” in Canada, they call “UPS Next Day Air” in USA – it is code 01

2.       What UPS call “UPS Express Saver” in Canada, they call “UPS Next Day Air Saver” in USA – it is code 13

 Techship shows only “canonical” US names, because we cannot show different names depending on where shipment is originating (at least for now).So, if you need to ship with “UPS Express” from Canada to Canada, you should use “UPS Next Day Air” selection.Whatever is called “UPS Express” on techship site, it is actually “UPS Worldwide Express” – and you need to use it only if you ship from Canada to other country.