Wrike is Techdinamics' internal project management platform. This article describes the process of creating Wrike Requests that originate as Change Requests (CRs) from customers.

1. Login to Wrike

Using your personal credentials login to Wrike portal at https://login.wrike.com/login/ or wrike.com

2. Create a Request

Once in Wrike, click on the + button located in the top menu and select "Request" from the pop-up menu.  

3. Select the Form

A list of request forms will appear.  Select the appropriate form for your case.  In the case of integration CRs select "Integration Change Request".  Notice that the form could appear twice, once in the "All" ground and also under "Recently used" if you have been using this form previously.  Either one you select will work.

4. Complete Details

Complete the form with the required information. 

  • Change Request Name - If this CR is based on a ticket starting with "CR-" followed by the ticket number; then add a short description of the ticket. For example, "CR-123456 ABC Orders, filter by tag"
  • Quote - This field is used for a quote number provided to the customer.  You can leave this field blank if you do not have a quote.
  • Customer (Company) Name -  The name of the customer making the request.
  • Origin - There are several options, select the appropriate option depending on how the request originated.  In many cases, you will be selecting "Ticket" if you have a ticket associate with this request.
  • Origin Reference - Ticket number
  • Change Request Description - A more complete description need of the issue.  

5 Submit the Request

Once all the information is complete, click on the "Submit" button. Your request has been created.