When processing Pigeonship invoices in "Pigeonship CA Xero" endpoint with the error - 

"Failed to create invoice; A validation exception occurred;The Contact must contain at least 1 of the following elements to identify the contact: Name, ContactID, ContactNumber"

You would need to create an account in the Xero system.  To do this please follow the following steps.

  1. Log in to Xero at go.xero.com and use the password found in 1Password "Xero - Pigeonship"

  2. Create new contact under Contacts / All contacts.

    You would need to use the following information - 
     - Company name = Entity (ShipFrom) / Name
     - Account Number = Reference (BillingAccount)
    <Reference qualifier="BillingAccount">3748</Reference>

    <Entity qualifier="ShipFrom">
                                <Name>Rona Toronto StockYards</Name>
                                <Street id="1">110 West Toronto Street</Street>
                                <State code="ON">Ontario</State>
                                <PostalCode>M6N 5B7</PostalCode>
                                <Country code="CA">Canada</Country>
  3. Reprocess the failed transaction