Customized values:

Value5 - base unit of measure (position 2) and multiplication factor (position 3)


We have a custom logic which contains 2 steps:

1.) Build-in map UoM conversion from Kilogram -> Pound. Map calculate also item qty if change KG -> Pound take place durinig processing. "Case" and "Each" UoM pass as is.

2.) Mapper UoM and qty conversion through item table (Example showned below). If item has UoM = Pound then "convert UoM" map replace original uom with "ULB" (Aryzta base uom in Provision) and multiply orderQty by value on 3rd place in Value5 (1000 in this example);

Note: This only works for "KG" and "LB" UoM coming from Aryzta, other unit values goes to Provision unchanged.