Example ticket here https://support.techdinamics.com/a/tickets/974676

Sometimes we need to check if FTP folders that we are using in our integrations are empty or not.

As example we will take Angelo Decor SFTP, we need to go to FTP Connections tab and find FTP there:

If you will open this setup you will find there URL/login/password to this FTP, to connect to that FTP you can use various of programs but i will do that through FileZilla

We need to put login/password/url data from mapper here and click quickconnect button.

After that you will be connected to SFTP and you will be able to check folders that are inside this ftp.

For this project we are using two folders sftp://angelodecor.sftp.commercehub.com/outgoing/intchg and sftp://angelodecor.sftp.commercehub.com/incoming/intchg. We receiving files on first one and as you can see from screenshot abowe it is empty, it means that all files that were there were picked up by our system.