Below is a list of current known issues and limitations with the Integrated Flow connections.

  1. Amazon SP API - Inventory sync is not working.

  2. 3PL Central - Due to 3PLCentral's internal workings most inventory methods do not support items without any stock. 
    • Workaround 1: use a method with inbuilt Items request. Currently does not support Lot Details.
    • Workaround 2: maintain a SKU table within Techdinamics' system and use that to identify missing SKUs.
  3. 3PL Central - Inbuilt aliases are not supported in most integrations due to irreversable item breakdown. 
    • Workaround: use Techdinamics supplied alias solution.
  4. Quickbooks Desktop - QB side of integrations cannot be supported by Techdinamics if QB is hosted on server. Techdinamics supports only the QB application, which is referenced by the QWC file.

  5. Square API - retrieving order id as it appears in the UI is currently impossible due to the API limitations ( 
    • Workaround: utilizing the Square's internal id instead (which is visible in the order's url).
  6. Hudson Bay (HBC) Marketplace -  Purchase orders in WAITING_ACCEPTANCE status have no address information due to HBC's policies.
    • Workaround: retrieve orders in SHIPPING status (when they are already Accepted)
  7. NetSuite - SOAP calls do not support large inventory accounts.
    • Workaround: utilise Techdinamics supplied Restlet solution.