How do I know if my file sent my email was processed?

Modified on Sun, 24 Feb 2013 at 08:40 AM

Files send for processing via email appear on the dashboard as soon as they are received and processed.  To view the status of received emails login to using a user name and password provided to you.  If you do not have this information email us at

  1. Login to  using a user name and password provided to you.  If you do not have this information email us at
  2. Click on the Email tab
  3. Search for the message you sent.  You can search by sender/receiver, subject and/or date range.  If you do not see the email message please verify the address specified in your email note that depending on your mail server the message may take up-to  5-10 minutes to be processed, although usually this happens much faster.   If you still cannot find the message contact open a ticket and we will take a look right away.
  4. Click on the "View" button at the end of the message line.  
  5. Here you will see the processing details and the email details
  6. Look for "Generated XX output documents" and make sure the number of output documents is not zero.  Also check "Unpacked XX attachments with XX documents." line to make sure the number of documents is not zero.  You should also see the attachments unpacked listed bellow this line.
  7. Click on the attachment file link bellow "Unpacked XX attachments with XX documents." line to view the processing results.  Note you will see multiple attachment file links if multiple files were send at the same time.  You will need to see processing results for each attachments separetly.
  8. On the Attachment view you can see the processing details for the given attachments. Make sure Unpack Status and Process Status both show "Successful".  Bellow you will see the list of the documents processed.
  9. When the file is completely processed and the output is sent view ftp the last column in the documents table should show "226 Transfer complete."  226 is the message normally received from the ftp server when the transmission was successful.

Note that depending on the file size and server load processing of files may take several minutes.  While the file is being processed the information on the portal maybe partially missing.  If you do not see any errors but the process does not appear to be complete (example the ftp status is not yet equal 226) you may need to give it a couple of more minutes.

Please feel free to contact us at if you need to open a ticket.

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