When importing orders automatically which don’t have the boxes’ information or setting up your orders manually, you are able to add, delete or remove boxes from them. To ease your burden and save you the work of entering the box weight and dimensions manually for every single order, techSHIP allows you to save different boxes profiles which you can use as standardized information and apply those to your orders in just a pair of steps.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide or watch the video, as you prefer:

NOTE: The boxes are defined at a client level, meaning that you can create different standardized boxes for each one of your clients if necessary. For example, if John Doe Foods has two standard boxes (20x20x20 and 30x30x30) but Jane Doe Fashion Apparel has two as well but with different dimensions (10x10x10 and 20x20x20) you can set them up separately by client.

To create a standard box for a client you will have to:

  1. Select the Clients option under the Maintenance Dropdown

  2. Click on the client to which you wish to create the standard box for
  3. Select the Boxes tab
  4. Click the Add Box button

  5. Define the Name of the box and the volume, width, height, length and weight as required
  6. (Optional) Add SKUs if the box will always contain a specific product or set of products
  7. Press Save to confirm

Once ready, when you import or create orders for that client, your box will be available to be assigned.

NOTE: Take into consideration that you can consider any kind of packaging as a box (box, skid, etc)