Suggested Carrier Rating API

Modified on Mon, 24 May, 2021 at 9:04 AM

Occasionally we receive requests asking for examples of a rating API.  This document provides an example of an API request and response based on an international shipment.

Sample Request

This example of a rate request for an international shipment. The domestic shipment will be very similar in nature. 

A couple of comments - 

  1. There could be multiple parcels in one request.  
  "shipment": {
    "account_reference": "TEST REF",
    "to_location": {
      "company": "TEST COMPANY",
      "attention": "JOHN SMITH",
      "address1": "12345 MAIN STREET",
      "city": "MYCITY",
      "state": "MI",
      "country": "US",
      "postal_code": "49348"
    "from_location": {
      "company": "SHIPPER CO",
      "attention": "JANE SMITH",
      "address1": "54321 SMALL STREET",
      "city": "SHIPCITY",
      "state": "ON",
      "country": "CA",
      "postal_code": "A2A2A2"
    "parcels": [
        "length": 6.0,
        "width": 6.0,
        "height": 6.0,
        "weight": 80.0,
        "parcel_items": [
            "sku": "SKU1",
            "description": "TEST DESCRIPTION",
            "quantity": 3.0,
            "price": 100,
            "hs_tariff_code": "6703000000",
      "country_of_origin": "US"
            "sku": "SKU2",
            "description": "TEST DESCRIPTION 2",
            "quantity": 1.0,
            "price": 200,
            "hs_tariff_code": "6703000000",
      "country_of_origin": "CA"
  "service_options": {
    "delivery_confirmation": "SIGNATURE_REQUIRED",
    "priority_handling": "SERVICE_DEFAULT"
  "show_all_services": true

Sample Response

This is an example of a response to the above request.  One response will include all the services available for the specific delivery.  If a specific service is not available we do not need to receive it in the list.

A couple of comments - 

  1. When possible include Price, Taxes, Published Price, Fuel Price
  2. When possible provide back the billable weight (actual or dimensional)
  3. Estimated date and time of delivery.
    "service_rates": [{
            "service": "Express",
            "service_id": 161,
            "service_code": "express",
      "net_rate": 37.75,
      "tax": 5.00,
            "rate": 42.75,
            "retail_net_rate": 43.45,
            "retail_rate": 49.45,
      "retail_tax": 6.00,
            "delivery_days": 2,
            "delivery_date": "2021-05-26",
            "billable_weight": 100,
            "delivery_guaranteed": false
        }, {
            "service": "Priority",
            "service_id": 158,
            "service_code": "priority",
      "net_rate": 44.00,
      "tax": 6.00,
            "rate": 50.00,
            "retail_rate": 54.00,
            "retail_rate": 60.00,
      "retail_tax": 6.00,
            "delivery_days": 2,
            "delivery_date": "2021-05-26",
            "delivery_guaranteed": false,
            "billable_weight": 100
    "warnings": []

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