Integration Requirements - IntegratedFlow API

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2023 at 10:26 AM

Basic Requirements

The documentation for the IntegratedFlow API is available at link for test environment and at link for production environment.

When integrating to the IntegratedFlow API, Techdinamics will provide you the following information:

  • Authentication credentials (username/password)
  • System (e.g., SYSTEM)
  • Trading Partner Code (e.g., PARTNERCODE)
  • Document Types (multiple if required by the implementation, e.g., ORDER)
  • Revision (e.g., 1)

All of the above information is shared between the API calls.

Standard Implementation Guide

The standard procedure for extracting queue records using IntegratedFlow API is as below:

  1. Use PendingInboundCount to retrieve the number of new documents.
  2. Use GetNextInboundRecords to retrieve a set amount of documents using MaxLength parameter (using either value from Step 1 or an arbitrary number determined by document size).
  3. For each retrieved record use SetInboundRecordStatus to status 1, which means Success.
  4. Use GetNextInboundRecords again to retrieve the next page of documents if required until the number of documents received is equal or more to the value received in Step 1.

Documents are sent as Base64 encoded string under contentBytes field.

Available queue status values:

  • New (0)
  • Success (1)
  • Failure (2)
  • Hold (3)
  • NoProcessing (4)

Records with status Success/Failure/Hold will be removed from results of GetNextInboundRecords.

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