IntegratedFlow Simple Connection (POST)

Modified on Mon, 03 Apr 2023 at 10:01 AM

Our IntegratedFlow server allows multiple forms of communication methods. One method that has found popularity when connecting to external systems is based on an HTTP POST protocol.

This method, similar to FTP or mail, only defines the connectivity and exchange of the data payload, not the payload itself.  The sender and receiver need to agree on a data format that will need to be exchanged.  Techdinamics allows our customers and partners to specify the data format or we can provide our standard format for documents like orders, shipments, and inventory snapshots.

Production vs Development Servers

The IntegratedFlow provides both the production and test environments. 

The production environment - 

The test environment -

Important: The document will provide examples using the test environment URL, you would need to update the base URL when configuring the production environment.

Sending Data to IntegratedFlow

Before data could be sent to the IntegratedFlow server the following information needs to be received from the Techdinamics integration team. 

  • sender
    The sender will be the code identifying the sender of a message within the IntegratedFlow server.
  • receiver
    This would be the partner that will be receiving the messages.  This value too needs to be present in the IntegratedFlow server configuration.
  • apikey
    The API keys add a level of security to the data exchange.  If the API key does not match what has been previously agreed to the message will not be processed.
  • doctype (Optional)
    Defines the document type.  This is helpful when more than one type of message is being exchanged.  The value needs to be agreed upon between the sender and receiver of the message.
  • version (Optional)
    Optional parameter useful when upgrading the data payload while trying to maintain backward compatibility. The value needs to be agreed upon

The above elements will be used as a parameter in the POST message.  Here is an example of a POST message -

Receiving Data to IntegratedFlow

IntegratedFlow would push data to the HTTP POST URL that the remote system will provide and will provide the parameters that the remote system would require.  In the receiving endpoint is being built specifically for this integration we would recommend considering the parameters mentioned in the "Sending Data to IntegratedFlow" section. Using a secure communication channel will be strongly recommended. 

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