Integration Requirements - Deposco WMS

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 06:41 AM

Basic Requirements

When integrating your Deposco instance, Techdinamics will require the following information:

  • Instance URL, username and password
  • Warehouse Company Code value
  • Facility and Location values for inventory process
  • Business Unit for warehouse customer
  • Single SKU mapping list, if needed
  • Single Carrier mapping list, if needed

When requesting the keys from the Deposco implementation team, please make sure the following permissions are assigned at the minimum:

Purchase Order rels:

 - Create a single purchase order -

PUT: integration/{code}/orders/Purchase Order/{orderNumber}

 - Create or update multiple purchase orders -

POST: integration/{code}/orders

POST: integration/{code}/orders/updates

 - Retrieve a purchase order -

GET: /integration/{code}/search/Order?otherReferenceNumber={externalOrderNumber}

GET: integration/{code}/orders/Purchase Order/{orderNumber}

Receipt Advice rels:

 - Retrieve all receipt advice resources -

GET: /integration/{code}/receiptadvices

 - Retrieve all receipt advice resources for a business unit -

GET: /integration/{code}/receiptadvices/{businessUnit}

Customer Order rels:

 - Create or update a customer order -

PUT: /integration/{code}/import/{businessUnit}/customerOrder/{orderNumber}?businessKey={orderNumber}

 - Retrieve a customer order -

GET: /integration/{code}/search/CoHeader?externalOrderNumber={orderNumber}

 - Retrieve shipments for a customer order -

GET: /integration/{code}/search/shipment?orderHeaders.customerOrderNumber={orderNumber}


Inventory rels:

 - Retrieve item inventory by facility and location -

GET /integration/{code}/inventory/facility/{facilityNumber}/location/{locationNumber}

GET /integration/{code}/inventory/{businessUnit}/facility/{facilityNumber}/location/{locationNumber}

Item rels:

 - Create or update a single item -

PUT: /integration/{code}/items/{itemNumber}

 - Create or update items -

POST: /integration/{code}/items

Known Issues


  1. Deposco system allows order and purchase order creation without having SKUs configuration in Deposco. 
  2. Deposco system doesn't allow same {orderNumber} value for 2 orders, even if one of them was cancelled. 
  3. Order Update process is not supported out of the box and requires additional methods to be implemented for Deposco wrapper:
    • Partially cancel a customer order - PUT: /integration/{code}/import/{businessUnit}/customerOrder/{orderNumber}?businessKey={orderNumber}
    • Increase or decrease the quantity of a customer order line - PUT: /integration/{code}/import/{businessUnit}/customerOrder/{orderNumber}?businessKey={orderNumber}

Alias Items

  1. Inbuilt aliases are not supported in most integrations due to irreversable item breakdown. 
    • Workaround: use Techdinamics supplied alias solution and document store.

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