Below instructions for CR 033:


1. Open advanced export and download companies data:


2. On grid tabs (Programs By Country in this example), you will find grid data and row id which will be used for updating grid rows:



Let’s update program id for organizations 8674, 8675 from list above:



3. Use info from step 2 to create batch update excel:



Parameter 1 and 2 is taken from setup of custom fields


<Grid title="Programs by Country" id="countryGrid" orderby="country" descending="true">

<Column title="Program" id="program" type="dropdown">

<Option title="EDI" value="EDI"/>

<Option title="Email (PDF)" value="Email (PDF)"/>

<Option title="OB-10" value="OB-10"/>

<Option title="XML" value="XML"/>




Parameter3 is option value, Parameter 4 is option title (same in this case)

Parameter5 is rowid from step 2.


4. Go to Super Admin -> Batch Updates, and upload this file, review results:


5. Open organizations 8674, 8675:




6. Lets use another option to delete grid row (in case instead of setting field you want to remove row). Using organization 8676:



7. Creating file for update:



Here we need to specify only grid id (Paraneter1) and rowid from step2, because we need to delete whole row.



8. Review organization – row deleted:



9. Let’s add new row to organization from step 8. This will require more work as we need to set all fields:


10. Again running batch update:



11. Results:




Sample file used in this instruction attached.