Techdinamics Integration Services integration with RF Pathways requires eLink service on the RF Pathways end.  The steps associated with the RF Pathways server are normally performed by Automation Associates.   Techdinamics will not change eLink configuration - this function is performed by Automation Associates.

  1. Receive written approval from customers (3PL) to proceed with integration
  2. Setup FTP portal for uploading and downloading of business documents 
  3. Contact Automation Associates (AA) and request setup of eLink service with Techdinamics Integration services.  Provide the following information 
  • Customer name
  • Ftp details
  • Ftp script (see attachment). Note that user/pass/local_folders/remotefolders properties need to be updated before the script could be used.
  • Once setup is completed by AA test file transmission in both directions
  • Complete setup of endpoints for specific 3PL
  • Setup appropriate partners and partner relationships (with 3PL) and specify warehouse codes that will be used

  • NOTE: For server 2003/2008, AA needs to install PowerShell 2.0 from Microsoft KB -