3PL Central REST API Permissions

Modified on Fri, 07 Aug 2020 at 11:04 AM

Customer Rels (retrieve item details):

GET: customers/{customerId}/items/{itemId}

GET: customers/{customerId}/items?sku=={sku}


Receiver rels:

GET: inventory/receivers/{id}

GET: inventory/receivers

POST: inventory/receivers

GET: rels/reportdefs/ssrsrun


Order Rels:

GET: orders/{orderId}

GET: orders

GET: orders/{orderId}/packages

GET: orders/{orderId}/packages/{packageId}

PUT: orders/{orderId}/packages/{packageId}?deleteAllContents=false

PUT: orders/{orderId}

PUT: orders

POS: orders/{orderId}/confirmer


Purchase order rels:

GET: inventory/pos/{id}

GET: inventory/pos

PUT: inventory/pos/{id}

POST: inventory/pos


GET: /properties/carriers

GET: /properties/carriers/{name}

Billing Wizard (optional) - required only for IntegratedBilling

Get/Put http://api.3plcentral.com/rels/customers/itemizedchargeslist

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