When importing orders, you might come across the "Failed to import order XXXX for client XXXX. Order Not packed. Please pack order in 3PL" error.

This error happens when you're trying to import orders that have not been packed in 3PL and you are importing your cartons in Default mode for the related Client.

To solve this you have two options:

1. If you want to keep the information exactly as it's coming from 3PL: Pack the order in 3PL as the error states and import again.

2. If you want techShip to repack your order (repacks everything into one box): Change the Carton import mode for that client to Merge mode, as described here.

While the Default mode imports the carton information exactly how it is in the WMS (yet requiring you to pack the order), Merge mode repacks everything in one box within techShip (without the need of packing it previously).