16 - How to create a manual order - [Step-by-step guide]

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If instead of importing orders from your WMS or a file you prefer or need to enter orders manually, you are able to do it through a simple process.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide or watch the video, as you prefer:

To create a manual order you will have to:

1. Access the New Order/Batch option under the Orders dropdown

    Define the information in the initial fields as required:

  •     Client: Select the client for which you wish to create the order
  •     Carrier: Select the carrier that will handle the order

2. A new set of fields will deploy according to your previous selection (they vary depending on the selected carrier)
    Fill them up as needed:

  •     Batch Number: Fill with the internal reference you wish to identify this order or batch with
  •     Ship/Pick up Date: Select when the order will be shipped
  •     Default Service Code: Select the Service from the Carrier you chose previously
  •     Account: Account related to the Carrier you chose previously

3. Fill up the required information in the General tab:

  •     Pick/Customer order/number: Fill with the references you wish to show in your labels. 
        The value could be the same for all the fields, or different if such is the case
  •     Customer PO/Terms: Fill with the PO and terms if necessary

4. Specify the Ship to address information:

    a) If you have addresses in techSHIP, select an address you registered previously.

    b) If you don’t have predefined addresses, complete the information manually

Add the box(es) and content to your order(s):

6.Select the Packaging tab

7. Specify the amount of boxes and type of box to add

8. Click Add Box to add the specified box(es) to the order

9. Click the View Content button for each box and add the contents as required


NOTE: If every box of the order will have the same contents, you can specify the contents in the first box only without having to specify it in the others. The first order will be taken into account as the master record. 

NOTE: If you work with Greenshieldclick here to take into account additional considerations related to SKU, Description, Quantity and Weight.

10. Press Save to save the order. 

If you wish to learn how to process the order and print the labels, click here

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