01 - Importing orders and processing them - [Step-by-step guide]

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It seems that you are giving your first steps in techSHIP and we want to make it as easy and clear as possible to you.

This step-by-step guide shows the whole process: From importing a batch, to processing it. 

Even though the process is short, fast and easy, this guide also includes recommendations and considerations additional to it.

Feel free to read the guide below, or watch the video if you prefer so:

Let’s go through some basic concepts first. 

When importing an order, you should either have them created in your WMS so techSHIP can retrieve the information from there, or you can use a file with your orders which you can import. 

TechSHIP does not change the received information, so whatever information you have for either case, will be loaded as is.

Also, TechSHIP will always create a batch for each import, regardless of the order count on that batch. It could be a batch with just 1 order, or with many more.

To begin importing, you will have to:

    1. Access Import orders under the Orders dropdown

    2. Choose the carrier for which you want to import the orders. 

        You can choose an explicit one from the list, but you have two additional options:

  • Import: Instead of forcing a Carrier on the order, it will use the Carrier associated to it previously on your WMS or file.
  • Rate Shopping: Instead of forcing a Carrier on the order, techSHIP will evaluate which Carrier and Service Level is more cost efficient and assign them automatically to each order depending on the case. This requires that Rate Shopping is enabled for your carriers.0

    3. Choose the criteria to obtain the orders: Pick an option from the criteria dropdown and enter the value in the text field aside.

         You can choose between:

  • Batch #: Obtains the orders from the WMS matching with the batch number you enter
  • Reference #: Obtains a single order from the WMS matching with the number you enter; Depending on your WMS, it’s most of the time the customer order number
  • Pick order #: Obtains a single order from the WMS matching with the number you enter; Depending on your WMS, it’s most of the time the WMS transaction number
  • File upload: Allows to upload a file with the orders instead of obtaining them from the WMS 
    Three templates are available for this mode:
    • Small Parcel Orders using manual defined weights and dimensions
    • Small Parcel Orders using predefined boxes under the Client
    • LTL Orders using manual defined weights and dimensions

You can download the files here: 19 - File Upload import canonical source files [Information]

NOTE: Once you have chosen the origin of your information, if you want to review your orders before importing, you can press Refresh to retrieve the information and make modifications, or press Fast import to import the batch directly. This guide shows how to Fast Import.

    4. Press Fast Import to create a Batch with the retreived data.

NOTE:Once in the batch, techSHIP will show the batch’s number in the address bar, and the general information in the window. The order list for the batch will be below.

To process you have two options:

  • Process: Processes the batch, verifying that there are no errors and generating the tracking numbers for each box in the order.
  • Process & Print: Processes the orders and prints the labels automatically as well.

    5. Press the Process button that applies to the case.

If the orders are processed correctly, the system will show the Tracking Numbers, Charge, Manifest ID and the date and time of processing.

If instead of Process you use Process and Print, the labels will print as well.

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