TechShip allows you to set up Client profiles, which you can customize to adapt to their specific needs and methods.

Adding a Client has its own set of steps, which later expand to adding Billing Accounts to them, as a separate process
This article describes how to create the Client and which features can be activated for it, while the process of how to add Billing Accounts to a client is detailed in other articles.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer: 

To set up a Client you will have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

  2. Click the Add button

  3. Complete the Client Name and Client Code (the code must match the Client Code within your WMS) fields, and press Save

  4. Enable or disable the features that apply to this specific customer using the controls in the panel

    - Carton Import Mode: Allows you to choose in which way you'll import your carton information. Default uses the WMS data as received, while Merge repacks everything into one box regardless of what was set in the WMS (Click here for additional information on this subject)

    - Ignore WMS Weight/Dimensions: If checked, techShip ignores any Weight or Dimensions that might be received from the WMS

    - Enable Order Level TPL Billing: If checked, techShip will use the 3rd Party Billing information the orders have within the WMS instead of the setup you define in the Billing Accounts for this Client

    - Import Empty Carrier as Rate Shopping: If checked, techShip will import every order related to this Client that does not have an assigned Carrier in the WMS as an order to be Rate Shopped

    - Import pass through line prices: If checked, copies line prices from flex fields (3PL only)

    - Swap 3PL Item descriptions: If checked, swaps the fields Description1 and Description2 (3PL only)

    - Ignore missing routing: If checked, suppresses the error and uses the default routing if no match was found; if not enabled, it will show the missing routing key error 

    - Drop phones on process: If checked, ignores ship to phones from 3PL

  5. Press Save to apply the changes

NOTE: After finishing this process you will have to add the Billing Accounts and edit them to set their behavior for that particular customer. Follow the instructions from the following articles depending on the Carrier:

- How to add and set up a Billing Account (General) 
- How to add and set up a Billing Account (FedEx) [Available soon]
- How to add and set up a Billing Account (UPS) [Available soon]
- How to add and set up a Billing Account (USPS) [Available soon]