Payment type Third Party not supported in Fedex ECO mode [Solution]

Modified on Tue, 09 Jul 2019 at 02:53 PM

When processing orders you might come across the "Payment type THIRD_PARTY not supported in Fedex ECO mode. Only SENDER is supported by Fedex ECO" error.

This error is shown when ECO Mode (Default Service Level (Use Order, ECO, specific) and how to set it up) is set to process the orders of a batch, but the orders are set to bill a 3rd Party.

3rd Party Billing is not compatible with ECO mode. Orders to be processed through that Service Level mode must be billed to the Sender.

Two solutions are included in this article:

  • Solve this for a specific order if you wish to change only one order (change the Service Level of the Order)
  • Solve this on a global level for all orders (change the settings on the Client level)


Since ECO mode is not compatible with Third Party billing, if you wish to solve this issue for orders individually within a batch, you will need to select a Service Level manually.

To do so, follow the steps of the following article: How to change an order’s Service Level.


Solving this issue for all orders can be engaged in two different ways:

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