Techdinamics Automated Integration for QuickBooks Online includes Order download, Fulfillment update and Inventory update.

Order process

Techdinamics can download the following documents to serve as an Order:

  • Estimate

  • Invoice

Order download from QuickBooks Online is supported in Trigger based manner (Techdinamics downloads all orders that fit the criteria and were modified 60 to 30 minutes ago every 30 minutes).

Orders may apply the following filters upon download:

  • Status (Default Accepted, Estimate only)

  • Balance (Invoice only)

  • Terms (Invoice only)

Once the orders have been processed to the target system, they cannot be updated or deleted through the integration.

Order lines that have bundle structure can be passed as the bundle SKU itself or as a set of component SKUs.

Upon fulfillment by the warehouse, Techdinamics creates the QuickBooks Online Invoice with a fulfillment document for each part of the order shipped, or updates the existing Invoice with the fulfillment information. The information uploaded features quantities shipped, date shipped, carrier used and the tracking number.

Inventory process

Inventory process for Quickbooks Online is currently not supported.


The above process is subject to customization according to a specific business process. Please contact your account or project manager if you require a process that is not covered by the standard integration.