Techdinamics Automated Integration for BigCommerce includes Order download, Fulfillment update and Inventory update.

Order process

Order download from BigCommerce is supported in Trigger based manner (Techdinamics downloads all orders that fit the criteria every 30 minutes)

Orders may apply the following filters upon download:

  • Ship To Country code (Default All)

  • Order Status (Default Awaiting Fulfillment)

  • Payment Status (Default captured,partially refunded)

  • Minimum ID (Default 1)

Once the orders have been processed to the target system, they cannot be updated or deleted through the integration.

Upon fulfillment by the warehouse, Techdinamics uploads a single fulfillment document back to BigCommerce. The fulfillment includes quantities shipped, carrier used, tracking number and date shipped.

Inventory process

Standard process for Inventory update supports a single feed for one facility. The feed is executed on a daily basis, after work hours.


The above process is subject to customization according to a specific business process. Please contact your account or project manager if you require a process that is not covered by the standard integration.