How to use Items for Cartonization [Step-by-step guide][Information]

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When using Cartonization, techSHIP will need to know the weight and dimensions of each item, to be able to automatically reorganize them within the most efficient box option.

NOTE: Depending on your WMS, some capabilities might not be supported.

WARNING: Depending on the case, you might need to enable Override WMS Items weight and Override WMS Items dimensions if you will use techSHIP Item managed weight and dimensions.

Items can be added by either:

  • Creating them manually
  • Syncing with the WMS automatically (limited support)
  • Upload a template file with item details

All these options will be described below in order of efficiency, branching from the common steps.

Once Items are created, they can be edited or deleted using the controls on each row:

Follow the steps on the video guide or the article below.

To begin setting up items you will have to:

1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

2. Click the Client for which you will add the Items

3. Click the Items tab

4. Follow the process according to the option you choose to move forward with


NOTE: For this case, we will assume that the SKUs have already been set up in the WMS.

WARNING: If importing from 3PL Central, techSHIP only synchronizes SKUs with 1 Primary Unit Per Package.

5. Click Sync WMS items

6. (Optional) Check Delete items not in WMS if you want techSHIP to delete the SKUs on techSHIP's end which are not coming from the WMS anymore (have been removed)

7. Confirm the operation by pressing Run sync


techSHIP will read your SKUs' information from your WMS system and push it, creating (or updating, overriding all the previous information) all the entries necessary. 


NOTE: For this case, we will assume that you already have the file with the SKUs. If you still don't have the Import Source File, click Download Items to get the template and complete it accordingly.

5. Click Choose File and select your import file

6. Click Import & Replace Items

7. Confirm the action

techSHIP will read your SKUs' information from the file, overriding all the previous records.


5. Press Add item

6. Complete the SKU code, Description and Basic fields

7. (Optional) Complete the Carrier specific Dangerous Goods fields if applicable

8. Press Save to confirm the action


techSHIP will add the individual SKU you created.

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