How to review Fulfillment Channels activity Logs [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Mon, 15 Apr 2024 at 01:52 PM

When you manage Fulfillment Channels you might need to check the Logs to find a specific issues or systems actions and messages.

Logs record create, update and delete actions performed through the UI and APIimport and sync actions for the channel, and background jobs for create, update and delete actions with entities. 

NOTE: Make sure that you are operating at the right Vendor/Warehouse beforehand.

NOTE: The times and dates expressed in the logs are expressed in the time zone of the account.

To review the Fulfillment Channels' Logs you will have to:

1. Click Logs under Fulfillment Channels

2. (Optional) Filter information by any of the possible ways

  • Quick Search: Entering the value you are searching for in the search bar, which will look up the value in all the visible fields
  • Advanced Search: Click in the Filter icon by the Search Bar to deploy the advanced fields and complete them accordingly

NOTE: When filtering the Message Type, you will find the possible options to filter accordingly
- Info: Reported by the system for information purposes
- Warning: Reported the action was performed but there were issues with it
- Error: Reported business error (e.g. missing address), where the action could not be performed and processing is stopped
- Fatal: Reported system, infrastructure or code errors, (e.g. timeouts or bugs), where the action could not be performed and processing is stopped; in this case if there are timeout issues, techOMS retries 5 times

Select and/or combine the filters according to your needs and Apply.

3) Click in the log entry Message Text field to review the details

4) Look for keywords that might be related to the case you're trying to check, for example reference names (e.g. Fulfillment Channel), data or actions (e.g. receipts, counts, warnings, errors), etc.

Each log entry will include the reference, date, type, start, end and duration.

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