How to view and filter techAUDIT Estimated Data [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 02:53 PM

When orders are manifested in techSHIP, techTRACK receives their information and begins listening to carrier updates on the tracking numbers.

At the same time, the techAUDIT Estimated Data module displays the estimated weight, dimensions and charges for each tracking number.

All this information could not be the precise, final information that the carrier will use to invoice (e.g. rounding ups or accessorials could be applied in the final invoice), but it provides a close estimate if not exact value (when the carrier does not include or modify anything) of each shipment.

To access the module you will have to:

1. Click the Audit dropdown

2. Select Est. Data from the dropdown

Once there, the screen will show the list of trackings (as well as Carrier and Service) with their estimated data for:

  • Planned Weight
  • Planned Size
  • Planned Charge

And the actions that can be applied are the following:

A) Fixed filters: Apply fixed filters by selecting parameters from the Warehouse, Client, Year and Month and pressing Apply to filter the information, or Clear to clean up any previously applied filters.

B) Customizable filtersApply customizable filters for each available column (tracking number, carrier, service level, weight and dimensions) by selecting parameters clicking on the filter icon of each one, defining the operators and values and pressing Filter to filter the information, or Clear to clean up any previously applied filters; the available operators will be different depending on the data type of the column (equal, greater/less than, like, contains, etc.)

C) Settings: Allows to add/remove relevant/irrelevant columns from the view; by default all columns are included  

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