How to Verify Manifests and Trackings [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar, 2023 at 5:27 PM

The techSHIP Mobile Application is useful to verify manifests and make sure every tracking under it has been properly registered.

The process consists in several stages:

  • Finding the manifest you intend to check
  • Select the manifest
  • Scan the tracking numbers related to it

To do so, you will have to:


After logging in, you will be presented the Main Menu screen:

1. Press Verify Manifest to begin the process 

2. Select the date ranges you wish to filter and which should include the Manifest you're looking for, and press Apply; your preferences in this section will be saved and can be changed at any time 


After filtering, you will see the list of existing manifests within your date threshold.

From here you can either select a manifest, or if you don't find it, tap Change Dates to select a new date threshold.

3. Tap the Manifest row you wish to verify to see the tracking numbers within it


Once selected, the view will display:

A) List of packages (tracking numbers)

B) Individual status (validated or not)

C) Status totals

4. Select one (tap the row) and press Scan Packages to scan an individual package, or none and Scan Packages to scan all sequentially

5. Scan the Tracking Number(s) barcode(s); as these are scanned, you will receive on-screen confirmation and they will change the status to Validated automatically

Once ready, you can navigate back to confirm the verified package count and repeat the process for other Manifests starting from the Main Menu.

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