How to set up Global Alerts in techOMS [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Wed, 26 Jun at 7:44 PM

When you have the Administrator Role, you might need to configure Global Alerts.

Global Alerts are useful to automatically notify recipients whenever different types of events are recorded (information, warnings, errors, etc.) in order for them to take action as needed.

These are applicable to Sales and Purchase Orders, as well as Sales and Fulfillment Channel activities.

This is a useful feature to detect and assess potentially negative cases, or cases that require review or special/specific attention.

NOTE: Only Organization and Account Administrators have access to create these settings.

To configure Global Alerts you will have to:

1. Click Global Alert Settings under Admin Settings

2. Click Create to begin the process

3. Enter/Select the e-mail of the person who should receive the Alert

4. Press the Add button to add an element to include in the Alerts; repeat the process as many times and with as many combinations as needed

  • Alert Type: Select if the type is related to Sales or Purchase Orders, or Sales or Fulfillment Channels
  • Filter Message Types: Select the type of messages applicable (Info, Warning, Error, Fatal); for definitions of each type, consult techOMS Event and Message Types [Information] 
  • Entity Type (only available for Sales and Fulfillment Channels): Allows to select the Entity type to monitor (Sales Order, Shipment, PO, etc.)

5. Press Save to create the Alert

NOTE: You can have multiple notifications for Types, Messages, and Entity. To do that, you will need to separate each entity with a comma (Sales order Rule, Purchase Order Rule, Sales Channel, Fulfillment Channel) and (Info, Warning. Error. Fatal).

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