The Shopping Channel XML Acknowledgment is very similar to the EDI X12 acknowledgements.  The XML acknowledgment contains the following information about the document sent.


The Functional Group of the document transmitted. The the above example the number is 637.  The sender document would have had this number in the header. This field could be used to track the original number document in the system.  

Notice that when searching you will need to look in the "Processed Document Content"

<HSN_DROPSHIP xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="file:///c:/Software/b2b_maps/trunk/HSN/DropShip/dropship.xsd" FUNCTIONAL_ID="CD" INTERCHANGE_SENDER_ID="TEETER" INTERCHANGE_RECEIVER_ID="076902113" DATE="20161231" TIME="0800" VENDOR_ID="316472" GS_CNTRL_NUM="637">

The Acknowledgement code in this example "P".  


Notice the three fields: NUMBER_OF_INCLUDED_SETS, NUMBER_OF_RECEIVED_SETS, NUMBER_OF_ACCEPTED_SETS.  The number of accepted sets should be equal to the number of included and received sets, otherwise the file we transmitted is not good.