The final step in shipment processing within Techship is conducting the end of day process for each carrier, also known as manifest processing.  

Even though this is usually referred as an "end of day process" it can be performed multiple times in a day, but are normally done prior to the courier arrival for shipment pickup.

During this process we update the WMS system, notify the carrier of a shipment being ready (optional) and, if supported by the courier, generate a manifest. 

WARNING: You should only manifest when you are sure you don't have to perform changes to the orders. Once manifesting you will not be able to do so, because not only the WMS gets updated, but the orders information is sent to the Carrier as well. 

The steps for processing are straighforward:

  1. Access Finalize Manifest in the Orders dropdown

  2. Select the account you would like to process from the account dropdown

  3. Click Finalize to manifest