Hard 120100 - Missing or invalid shipper number (UPS) - [Solution]

Modified on Thu, 25 Jul 2019 at 12:10 PM

When shipping through UPS, you might come across the error "Hard 120100 - Missing or invalid shipper number". 

This error is shown when an invalid UPS account number has been set in the Billing Account at the Client level, or none at all.

There are three solutions which can help solve this problem:

SOLUTION #1 - Correct or add the Shipper account to the Billing Account profile

    1. Access Clients under the Maintenance dropdown

    2. Select the Client that applies to the case

    3. Press the Edit Button of the account related to the issue

4. Select the Carrier Options tab

5. Correct the Shipper Account # with an account which is valid and added to the UPS profile you are using and connected to techShip

6. Press Save to apply the changes; reprocess the order

SOLUTION #2 - Add a Prepaid Account to your UPS profile

If you have not added that account to your Payment Options within UPS, you can add it following this guide: Adding UPS Shipper Account at UPS.com.

After doing so, use that account number in the Shipper Account # field when adding a billing account for a client.

SOLUTION #3 - Set up the account as 3rd Party correctly (if 3rd Party is being used)

If you are using the Billing Account as the shipper but billing a 3rd Party account, verify and/or follow the steps from this guide to make sure it's set up properly: How to use UPS 3rd Party Billing - [Step-by-Step guide]

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