When shipping through UPS, you might come across the error "Hard 120100 - Missing or invalid shipper number". There are two solutions to solve this problem.

SOLUTION #1 - Set up the account as Third Party

Feel free to watch the video guide or follow the step-by-step process detailed below to fix this issue:

To use/add a UPS Account as Third-Party you have to:

WARNING: If you will be using this setup instead of your order's 3rd party information, make sure you uncheck "Enable Order Level TPL Billing"  

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance dropdown
  2. Select the Client that applies to the case
  3. Click Add Billing Account (if you already have one set, skip to Step 6)

  4. Select the Carrier you will use for the billing account

  5. Press Save

  6. Press the Edit Button of the recently added account

7. Select the Carrier Options tab

8. Set up the required information in the Billing account options tab related to this issue:

- Shipper Account #: Fill this field with the original UPS Account number (This is the account which will show as shipper)
- Bill third Party Account #: Fill this field with the Third Party UPS account number (This is the account which will get billed for the shipping)
- Bill postal: Postal code corresponding to the Third Party account
- Bill country: Country CODE corresponding to the Third Party account

9. Fill in any other relevant information both in the Carrier Options as well as in the General Options tab

10. Press Save to commit the changes

WARNING: If any of the fields detailed in point 8 is missing, the account will not work properly.

NOTE: Take into account that the Shipper is responsible for addresses correction charges, etc.  

SOLUTION #2 - Add a Prepaid Account to your UPS profile

If you do not want to use a Third Party account, you can add a UPS Prepaid Account, which must be added previously to your UPS Profile.

After doing so, use that account number in the Shipper Account # field when adding a billing account for a client.