How to add a new Techship Printer - [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2023 at 12:23 PM

Before adding the printer, remember that:

  1. Your Thermal Printer must be ZPL compliant.
  2. You will need your Printer User Credentials. If you don’t have them, contact support and after receiving them, save the information in a safe yet at hand place.
  3. You must not create different printers with the same name.
  4. A Techship printer can be linked to two printers. One Thermal (usually 4x6) and an inkjet or laser printer (Letter or A4). This secondary printer is optional, applying to cases such as international shipping (e.g. for commercial invoicing) or to print retail specific packing slips.

NOTE: Printers can be either physically connected to the workstation, or available via network.

Setting up a printer is easy; you can follow the steps in this short video, or with the step-by-step instructions below.

To set up a printer:

  1. Open the Techship Print Client
  2. Access the Settings section
  3. Click on Add Printer
  4. Set up the printer(s) required fields:
    1. Name: Set your printer’s name. Remember all of your printers need to have different names.
    2. Enabled: Enables or disables the printer for usage. Check it if you’re using it now. You can set up the printer and leave it disabled if you’re not using it now but in some other moment.
    3. Thermal Printer: Pick a ZPL Compliant Thermal Printer from the list. 
      The printer must be either plugged in to the computer or networked to be recognized and shown in the list.
    4.  Generic Printer (Optional): Pick an Inkjet or Laser printer if you’re using one together with your Thermal Printer. The printer must be either plugged in to the computer or networked to be recognized and shown in the list.
    5. Portal: Fill it with your portal’s address (e.g.
    6. Username: Fill it with the username of your Printer User Credentials.
    7. Password: Fill it with the password of your Printer User Credentials.
      • NOTE: You can adjust optional settings for your Thermal printer below the basic fields if necessary.
  5. Press the Save button below the fields to save the printer.
  6. Your printer is now set. You can verify if it’s active by accessing your portal and checking your printer status in the printer status drop down:

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