How to bill 3rd Party using "Enable Order Level TPL Billing" [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Thu, 21 Apr 2022 at 10:02 AM

The "Enable Order Level TPL Billing" checkbox allows you to choose the source from where techShip will get the 3rd Party Billing Account information, either:

  • From the order in the WMS
  • From the techShip Client setup

It is possible to bill a 3rd party account for carriers that support it (UPS, DHL, Fedex, Loomis, Purolator, Sameday).

Whichever the case, techShip will use the Baseline account as shipper, and the 3rd party account as billable. Make sure the Sender Account is authorized to bill the 3rd Party account (to be done on the Carrier's end).

3rd Party Billing in techShip can be used in two modes:

Enable Order Level TPL Billing is CHECKED 

  • Using WMS information: Your orders in your WMS must have assigned
    • 3rd Party Account to be billed 
    • Postal code 
    • Country code (if your WMS does not support this field, techShip will obtain it using the Postal Code)

WARNING: It is important to point out that if the orders in your WMS already have the 3rd Party account and Postal Code set up and you will use that information, it is NOT necessary to set up 3rd Party Billing information on the Billing Accounts on the Client level. 

NOTE: If you choose to use your WMS Information, you can just import and process your orders, all you will need to set up the Shipper Account. TechShip will dynamically bill 3rd Party Accounts as they come as part of the orders.

Enable Order Level TPL Billing is UNCHECKED

  • Using your Client Profile information: Any 3rd party billing information from your order will be ignored by techShip and the following information as you define it in the Client Billing Account will be used instead
    • 3rd Party Account to be billed (Client -> Billing Account level)
    • Country (Client -> Billing Account level)
    • Postal code (Order level - obtained automatically)

Using this mode will require you to create one Billing Account profile per 3rd Party Account you'd like to bill, since the account number is fixed as part of it.

Regardless of the case, make sure that:

1- Your orders have all the required information completed correctly
2- TPL Billing Override checkbox is checked or unchecked depending on the case on the Client level
3- The Sender Account number has been set up in the Carrier Options tab for the Billing Account

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