How SCAC codes work and are to be set up [Guide]

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Applied to techShip, SCAC Codes (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) is used to identify carriers (

The SCAC code is used to determine which carrier is used when you import the orders from the WMS, and written back to WMS after you manifest (if supported by the WMS).

When using these, every Carrier profile needs to have a different SCAC code, otherwise, when pulling the information from the WMS (using [Import]), techShip can't determine which one of all to use.

For example, if you have the following carriers:
Stamps / SCAC = USPS
TechShip is able to determine clearly that some orders are to be processed through Stamps and others through Ehub.

If EHub would also have USPS as the SCAC value, when importing an order with USPS as Carrier, it's not possible to determine through which one it should be imported.

If you are Rate Shopping or importing choosing a specific carrier from the dropdown, this detail is not that critical, since the Carrier is picked on the fly or assigned arbitrarily upon processing or importing respectively.

When you define a SCAC on the Client level, that SCAC overwrites the one used at the Carrier level, giving you control to handle this on a Client basis:

In conclusion:

1. If you will use [Import] when importing your orders, your SCAC codes must be different between carriers on the Carrier and Client level (Eg. Stamps = USPS, Ehub = USPSE)

2. If you will use Rate Shopping or choosing a specific carrier when importing, your SCAC codes must be different on the Client Level, since those are the 

3. If the Client level SCAC field is left empty, techShip uses the Carrier level SCAC code

4. You should NEVER have the same SCAC code for different carrier accounts (Eg. Stamps = USPS, Ehub = USPS)

NOTE: You can make changes on your Client's Billing Account profiles. Nevertheless, if you require this changes to be made to the source Carrier accounts, reach techShip support with the request.

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