How to import and try a Test Batch [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 at 11:39 AM

When setting up Carrier accounts on your portal, you will need to test them for most carriers.

You might have to come back to this article to get the Test Order File that you need for the carriers, but once you're used to the process, at least for the most used carriers, you'll know the procedure.

Here's the description of the process:


Depending on the country and carrier you will need to download a specific file from our Test Order File library:

Open the folder that applies to the country you're setting the account for, and then, pick the one that matches with the Carrier you're setting up. If there is not a file for that carrier, you can download any and modify it (especially the Pick Order Number, so you don't have duplicate issues with other previously imported test batches).

Test orders folders:


To begin importing, you will have to:

    1. Access Import orders under the Orders dropdown

    2. Choose the carrier for which you want to import the orders. 

    3. Choose File upload and select the file you downloaded with the Test Order

    4. Press Fast Import to create a Batch with the retreived data.

NOTE: If the Service Code is not pushed, you might need to select it from here (select the most common service, usually, Ground or similar):

DO NOT forget to Save.

WARNING: If you're not setting the first account of that carrier in the portal, make sure you select the correct account you're going to process the order with here:
DO NOT forget to Save.

5. Press the Process button

If the orders are processed correctly, the system will show the Tracking Numbers, Charge, Manifest ID and the date and time of processing.

If not processed correctly, verify what the issues might be through our Need a Hand assistant (copy-pasting the error and looking for a solution article) and correct whatever is necessary. Then, reprocess.

If you don't find an article for the encountered issues, please request a documentation article publishing to techSHIP support.


To complete the process, you will have to clean up the Test File imported. 

WARNING: If you don't complete this stage, when the you Manifest/Finalize that account for the first time, you will be billed for the test batches.

To do so, follow the steps in this article, pressing Void first before deleting: How to delete a batch or an order within a batch [Step-by-Step guide]

Delete the whole batch, not just the order within it.

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