You are able to edit Carriers manually if you will not bulk update Carriers via file.

To do so:

1) Click Integrated Flow / Carriers

2) Click the Sender where you will edit the Carrier

3) Click the Edit button

4) Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Sender Code (Required): Canonical Code to be used for this carrier 
  • Description: Description of the Carrier connection; could be used during processing, and might be required or optional depending on your integration
  • Value 1: The value associated with the Carrier connection, typically the carrier name/code (e.g. FEDEX, UPS, USPS, or a custom value if custom)
  • Value 2: Typically, the service level; optional
  • Value 3: Optional 
  • Value 4: Typically, the carrier type, could be Private Parcel Service, custom, etc; depending on the integration needs; optional
  • Value 5: Optional
  • Comments: Any additional comments

5) Press Save to apply the changes