Setting up Order Management Rules: Showing Error Messages when conditions are met [Step-by-Step Guide]

Modified on Tue, 29 Aug, 2023 at 6:53 PM

When setting up order management rules, you might need to set up rules to show error messages based on the order information or features.

Error messages can help you block orders from being processed, and any type of conditions can be set.

It's highly recommended you use these rules with the Process Trigger if the blockage is to be circumstantial (for example, blocking shipments with certain features from being shipped before the weekend).

If you are going to use just one value as part of the condition, use the equals (=) or not equals (<>) operator.

If you are going to use more than one value, use the Like, Not Like, In or Not In operators, separating options with commas.

While Like and Not Like include results that match with your provided value fully or partially, In and Not In are used as equals and not equals, but allow detection of more than one value at the same time.

If you will use Regex operators, these allow you to define complex expressions which will be used as a parameter for the field selected, review the following article for examples: Using custom or low level variables in OMR [Information]

WARNING: In case you need to use a custom field, or an unmapped Service Code (not included in Service Code mappings), you must refer to the low level variables and use expressions instead.

Review the details on syntax and values here: Using custom or low level variables in OMR [Information]

These are a few possible scenarios:

#1 - Block orders that might have incorrect ship-to information

For this technical scenario, a business case could be: 

Sometimes we get orders that have the Address 1 field information in Address 2 because customers fill it out incorrectly and there is no validation at the shopping cart. We need to block these to correct them.

That being the case, it would be defined this way.

Equals and the empty field is used, so whenever the Address 1 field is empty and the order is attempted to be processed, techSHIP shows the error message "Address 1 field empty - Please verify other address fields and correct the order before processing".

#2 - Block orders that have refrigerated SKUs from being shipped after Thursday after 4PM

For this technical scenario, a business case could be: 

Whenever an order has refrigerated SKUs, we don't want to risk having them sit in the carrier facility over the weekend risking them going bad. If it's Thursday after 4PM, we want to show an error message and store these ourselves to ship on Monday. Refrigerated SKUs have the text (R) as part of the SKU description.

That being the case, it would be defined this way.

Like is used, so whenever the SKU Description contains (R) the case is detected, and Greater or Equal Than is used for both the Day of the Week and Current Time so the error "Cannot ship due to carrier storage risk - Store properly and prepare for shipping on Monday".
(R) is padded with asterisks so cases where there is anything before or after (R) are covered.

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