Canada Post Billing Account field details [Information]

Modified on Fri, 06 Oct 2023 at 10:57 AM

This document details all the fields available to set up a Canada Post Billing account.

These are detailed below:

Cost Centre 
Use if provided to allocate costs of shipping

Locked, customer number linked to the account setup
Mailed on behalf #
Indicates the account number orders are shipped on behalf of, must be same as customer # or blank

Paid by customer # 
Indicates the associated customer number to the shipper customer number, which will pay for shipping

Contract ID
Contract ID associated with the shipper and payor customer numbers
Method of Payment
Select between Account and Credit Card (typically Account, since registrations are made on Account basis)
Manifest Level
Indicate if your manifest will be requested as a summary, or detailed

Contact Phone
Ship From phone that will be shown in the label
Default Delivery
Indicates how packages should be delivered (Regular, Card for Pickup, Do not safe drop, etc.)

CIF Shipment
If checked, indicates shipments qualify for CIF – Continuous Inbound Freight tax exemption

Proof of Age/X
If enabled, the delivery will require an adult of a specific age to sign upon delivery

Notify Recipient by E-mail
If checked, requests the carrier to send e-mail notifications to the ship-to e-mail provided as part of the order

Non-Delivery Handling
Indicate what the carrier should do when packages cannot be delivered

Reason for export
Indicate the reason for export (sale, sample, etc.)

Currency Code
Indicate the currency code that you intend to use for declaring the customs value of individual line items
Use CAD exchange rate for customs if not specified in order
If this option is selected, and the currency specified at the order or client level differs from CAD (Canadian Dollar), and no conversion rate is specified within the order, the currency will be automatically converted to CAD using the exchange rate on the current date

Correct International declared value
If this option is enabled, the customs declared value is recalculated as the sum of line item prices multiplied by the quantity, instead of retrieving the value from the package declared value field

Province of Origin
Indicate the province of origin for international shipments when country of origin of line item is CA

Quick ship labels

Use this checkbox if you already have a domestic parcel with the recipient’s name and address on it, but you want to create an additional label to affix to the parcel for tracking purposes;
Set this element to true, and, for billing purposes, provide the country code (must be CA) and the postal code, in the destination structure. A label that contains a tracking barcode and the words “Quick Ship – Refer to Address Label/Expéditionrapide – Reportez-vous à l’étiquetted’adresse” will be created.

Show packing instructions
If checked, packing instructions will be printed on the label

Show postage rate
If checked, postage rate will be printed in the label

Show insured value
If checked, insured value will be printed on the label

Substitute missing ship-to-phone
If checked, enables a new field to enter a phone number that will automatically fill ship-to phone, if ship-to phone specified on order is empty

Label from name
Ship-From name that will be shown in the label
Label from company
Company name that will be shown in the label
Override label from address
If checked, enables fields to override the label from address (does not change the induction address)

Return notification e-mail
Shipper contact e-mail

Generate return labels
If checked, prints return labels for every order

Skip return labels printing
If checked, skips return labels printing (labels will be generated and saved on order for further download, but will not be printed immediately)

Override Return address
If checked, enables fields to override the address for return labels

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