How to migrate a Billing Accounts to a new Carrier version [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Fri, 2 Feb at 9:39 AM

Whenever a Carrier's new version is implemented, this version will become available for setup. 

Migration is typically handled in two ways/stages:

  • Organic: New accounts will be set with the new version, which might coexist with previously created accounts under the same carrier; by this, "migration" of the new accounts will be organic, while the old ones would need to be actively migrated
  • Active migration: Old accounts are manually migrated to the new version of the carrier

This article describes how to handle active migration.

In preparation for migration, you will need to:

  • Make sure techSHIP Support or Implementations has added the new version Carrier connection to your techSHIP portals; If you don't have it, you can request it via ticket
  • Make sure you add and configure the Baseline Accounts you will use under it, to be able to target them

When you migrate accounts, you will redirect your setup from one Carrier connection (old) to another (new). Your Billing Accounts set at the Client Level will be "unplugged" from the old Carrier connection, and "plugged" to the new one:

NOTE: For Organic migration, refer to the Carrier Onboarding Requirements documentation of the Carrier you're setting up.

WARNING: Carriers that require certification, like FedEx, require to be recertified if the API keys to be used are different from the old version. Verify the Carrier Onboarding Requirements documentation of the Carrier you're setting up to confirm.

To do so, you will have to:

1. Access Carriers through the Maintenance menu

2. Select the Carrier that you wish to migrate (old version)

3. Select the Accounts tab

4. Click the Migrate button of the Baseline Account you wish to migrate

5. All the Client Billing Accounts set up under the old Carrier connection will be listed; Select all that you'd like to migrate, either one by one, or using the Select All control 

6. Select the new version Baseline Account from the Target carrier/account list

7. Press Migrate

8. Press OK to confirm the action

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