How does a Billing Account get selected to process an order? [Information]

Modified on Fri, 08 Sep 2023 at 06:19 PM

When importing an order or batch, techSHIP follows a specific account matching procedure to choose which Billing Account it will use to process the order, as outlined below.

There are two ways to have techSHIP select an account:

  • Automatic selection
  • Forced/Arbitrary selection

Note the following concepts before reviewing the sequential verification:


techSHIP runs the verifications in this order:

1. SCAC and Routing Match:

The system first searches for an account that matches both the SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) and the Routing Group value.

2. Routing Match Only:

If no match is found during the first step, the system proceeds to search for an account with a Routing group match. This means that even if the SCAC doesn't match, the system tries to identify an account based solely on the Routing information.

3. SCAC Match Only:

If the Routing match also fails to yield a suitable account, techSHIP will search for an account that matches the SCAC alone. This step allows the system to find a possible match using the carrier code, even if the specific routing group details aren't available.

4. Default Account:

If none of the above steps result in a matching account, the system will assign the default account. The default account acts as a fallback option to ensure all imported orders are associated with an account, even when specific matches can't be found.


You can use OMR rules to force orders specifically through a Biling Account, as detailed here using the Billing Account Name action: Order Management Rules (OMR) available actions [Information].

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