Customs Invoices (CI) technical and missing information FAQ [Information]

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Since Customs Invoices printing behavior could be different between carriers, this article addresses technical frequently asked questions besides the generalities detailed at: 

How to print commercial invoices - [Solution]

These are the following:

Q: Is the Commercial Invoice provided by the Carrier through the API, or is TechShip generating it using the available data?

A: It depends, it could be generated by the Carrier or by techSHIP, yet, regardless of the case, both are generated with the same order and billing account information
By default, Carriers provide the Commercial Invoice via API, based on the order and Billing Account setup information.

If Enable Custom CI is enabled in the General Options section, techSHIP will generate the Commercial Invoice, and the highlighted additional fields can be used as well.

Q: On the TechShip CI, the Payment Terms at the top is blank. Because of that we have no way to know how the shipment billed for Transportation. 

A) Is that fixable?

B) Why is it blank currently?

A: This can happen when the order doesn't explicitly declare the Payment Terms and these are used as [Not Set], in which case techSHIP typically uses Prepaid as the payment term, if not forced somehow else.

Make sure your payment term information passage from the WMS is properly configured.

This could also be set at the Billing Account level by using this field, but it will apply to all orders processed through the profile, unless they declare otherwise:

Q: On the TechShip Customs Invoice, the Importer & Sold To portions are blank 

In FedEx Ship Manager the Importer section is populated with the same information as the Shipper section by default

A) Is that fixable?

B) Why is it blank currently?

A: The answer is yes, and most likely because these fields are empty at the Order or Billing Account level.

The information used by techSHIP to request the Commercial Invoice to the carrier based on the order and Billing Account setup information in techSHIP, not in FedEx Ship Manager.

Q: FedEx Ship Manager Customs Invoice does not have a Sold To section

A) What does that section represent? Shouldn't the Sold To be the same as the Recipient by default

B) Is this something that can be mapped on Billing Account? Or is it low level?

A: Yes, it is the recipient, unless indicated otherwise in the Billing Account Setup using override fields.

Q: On the TechShip Customs Invoice, the Duty & Taxes is not populated. In the generation performed, it was not set at the Billing Account level before shipping.

A) What can we do to populate the information to match the Bill Freight To information?

B) What can we do to populate the information as Prepaid, while not conflicting with the above setting?

A: This information can either or combinedly set through the Billing Account section, and through Flex Fields mapping. For the Billing Account section, you can define these here:


For Bill To fields, these can be overrode at the order level, or preferably, automatically mapped through Flex Field mappings. For that, reach your Techdinamics PM or CSM to get help from the Implementation team.

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