How to use Tracking URL formats [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Thu, 27 Jun at 4:40 PM

When needed, you might need to set Tracking URL Formats for technical purposes.

These can be set up at the Carrier Baseline Account level, and can be used by connected Billing Accounts, but also used and obtained and interacted with via API (Blackbox) connections.

This article describes how to configure and use them in both cases, and will detail how to:

  • Configure Tracking URL Format
  • Use through Billing Accounts in techSHIP
  • Use through API Blackbox connections

NOTE: This feature is limited to carriers supporting it.


To do so, you will have to:

1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll configure the Tracking URL Format

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click the Edit button of the account you will configure 

5. Enter the Tracking URL Format as you will use it

Samples of Tracking URL Formats targeting specific Carrier URLs adding the tracking number variable at the end are:

  • Canpar:{TrackingNumber}

  • Purolator{TrackingNumber}

  • Canada Post:{TrackingNumber}

6. Press Save to apply the changes


To do so, there are no additional steps other than setting up and configuring the Billing Accounts at the Client level, bound to the Baseline Account with the Tracking URL Format.

As orders get handled through the accounts, whenever related, the Tracking URL Format will be used as set up previously.


To do so, it is done through the previously mentioned mode in "Use through Billing Accounts in techSHIP" since this value should have been configured as described as part of the setup.

Nevertheless, to obtain the URL as used:

  • It will have to be configured at the Baseline Account level
  • You will have to refer to the TrackingUrl variable as part of the Create Shipment API Method API call Response  

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