Infoborders CM provides a solution for organization batch update.  This solution utilized an Excel file that contain a list of organization and/or persons that need to be update.  See an attached file as example.

To perform a batch update please follow the following instructions - 

  1. Login to the portal as Site Administrator.  For security batch update functionality is limited to site administrators, hub admins do not have access.
  2. On the portal menu select Batch Update located under Super Admin menu option.
  3. Upload the excel file (see details on creating the excel file Excel Batch File).  

  4.  Once added, batch will appear in section “Previous batches” showing it Completed (Yes/No) status, and completion (Completed Record/Total Records):

  5. By clicking view button, you can drill through to batch processing report, which is sorted in order of excel file, and status for processing each record: