How to set up different Return Addresses based on SKUs [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Wed, 19 Feb, 2020 at 4:56 PM

In some scenarios, you might need to set up several customers that have different return addresses based upon the product that was ordered

This article details how to achieve it by combining several techShip features:

  • Multiple Billing Account Profiles
  • Overriding the Ship-From address of the Billing accounts
  • Setting up SKU based restrictions

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:


In preparation to setting up the SKU based restrictions, you will have to add as many Billing Account profiles (linked to the same Carrier account) as SKU scenarios you will have (e.g. one profile for shipments with SKUs A to D, another for SKUs E to G, etc)

Follow the instructions of this article (selecting the carrier that applies to your case), adding as many different profiles as scenarios you will have: 11 - How to add and set up a Billing Account [Guides List]

You will end with a set of Billing Account profiles under your client similar to this:


Since each Billing Account profile will need to have different addresses, you will have to override either the:

A) Ship From Address in the regular label: Shows whichever address you add instead of the baseline carrier account's address (usually overwriting your own). By doing this you will only print the courier label, with the entered address depending under which profile the order is processed through.

If so, follow the steps here to do so, and for each Billing Account profile: Change the Ship From address with "Override sender address" [Step-by-Step guide]

B) Enable Return Labels and overriding the address: Prints an additional return label (charges apply) for each courier label, with the address you define as the return address.

If so, follow the steps here to do so, and for each Billing Account profile: 15 - How to set up Return Labels - [Step-by-Step guide]


Once you have added the billing account profiles and overrode the addresses accordingly, the last step is setting up the restrictions based on the SKU(s) for each one of the Billing Account profiles.

For this you will have to use Restrictions in Advanced Mode. If you haven't used the feature yet, refer to the following article: How to use advanced Service Codes Rate Shopping restrictions [Guide]

The way to set up restrictions by SKU is by using the "at least one in" operator, and the list of SKUs separated by commas. When setting it up you will end up with a result similar to the following:

Note that:

A) The rule mode should be to "Allow orders matching the criteria below, deny all others", because you will not want this profile to be used unless it's for the detailed SKUs

B) "Apply for explicit orders" is checked, if you're not rate shopping but rather importing orders under specific carriers

C) The operator used is "at least one in"

D) The values are separated by commas

E) Once defined, the values are added to the selected service code option, unless, they will not apply

F) Save after setup

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