How to create a Quote manually [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Mon, 6 Nov, 2023 at 3:18 PM

When using techTMS, you can add Quotes.

These can be created manually or imported as a batch via file.


This article describes how to create Quotes manually

If you need to import Quote via file, please refer to How to import Quotes via file [Step-by-step guide].

NOTE: Make sure that you are operating under the right environment beforehand.

NOTE: If several Carriers are being used to Rate Shop, if they fail to provide rates in a 10 second threshold, techTMS will skip them and move on to the next one.

To do it, you will have to:

1. Click Quotes

2. Click Create

3. Complete the basic fields accordingly

  • Load number: Will automatically generate upon saving 
  • Status: Set to New, In Process or Completed depending on the case
  • Buying Rate: Press the edit button to define the details; the field will autocomplete based on the sum of the details provided 
  • Service: Select a service level from the dropdown
  • Selling Rate: Indicate the selling rate (percentage)
  • Customer: Select a Customer from the dropdown
  • Agent: Select an Agent from the dropdown
  • Reference fields: Complete them accordingly
  • Internal/External Comment: Complete with comments if applicable

4. Complete the Route fields accordingly

NOTE: You can use the icon to add points to the route.
  • Place: Click on the field to select a previously recorded place, or press edit and complete the fields to add and apply a new one
  • Date & Time: Set the date and time for the Point you're setting up
  • Accessorials: Click on the field to select accessorials if applicable
  • Service, Carrier and Cost: Select the service and carrier from the dropdowns and complete the value field with the cost
  • Master BOL: Complete with the Master BOL number
  • Reference: Complete with the Quote main reference
  • Comment: Complete with comments, if any
  • Storage (Intermediary Points only): Check if the Shipment needs to be stored at the specified point

5. Complete the Cargo fields accordingly

NOTE: You can use the icon to add more sets of cargo.
  • Description: Indicate the cargo description
  • Total Weight: Total weight (including packaging); autocalculated
  • Size & UOM: Indicate the Size and UOM
  • Weight & UOM: Indicate the Size and UOM
  • Pieces & Type: Indicate the amount of pieces shipped and the container type (box/pallet)
  • Temperature from/to/UOM: Indicate the temperature from and to the destination, and the UOM
  • Insurance: Select to Purchase or Decline Insurance from the dropdown list
  • Declared value: Indicate the cargo's declared value
  • Container ID: Indicate the Container ID when required
  • AWB (when applicable): Complete with the Air Waybill when applicable
  • Customer's comment: Complete with comments, if any

6. Press Save to apply the changes

After saving, the Actions, Trackings and Print menus will enable to perform additional actions.

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